Frequently asked questions.

1.  What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media organizing program that bring together media found all over the internet in an easy to use program. So you don’t have to search through millions of web pages to find something to watch, listen to or look at. Kodi also can help to organize your own personal media library. Kodi uses add-ons within its program built by 3rd party programmers to help with this process.

2.  What is an add-on?

An add-on is like an App on your phone or a program on your computer. Add-ons are used inside of Kodi to perform specific functions and to help group things together. Can you imagine having a list of millions of media files to look at and having to choose one to watch or listen to? Let’s take Phoenix for example a great add-on for watching movies and TV shows. Phoenix will sort things by genre-latest-most popular-new release etc. This way you have a smaller more defined list to choose from.

3.  What is a build, load or set-up?

This is the answer I frequently give. Think of Kodi as your windows program.  The load that is used on Kodi is like changing your desktop. The wallpaper may be different. The icons are arranged in a different order. The icons or shortcuts do different functions. All in all the base system works the same just the set-up is different

 4.  Does this need to be updated?

All movies, TV Shows, and such will update automatically.  Kodi can be updated with just a couple clicks of the remote as for the build we try to keep you updated as much as possible this update can also be done with a just couple clicks of the remote.

6.  Can I watch live TV? Can I watch PPV? Can I watch live sports?

Yes all of this can be found on this device. Different add-on perform different tasks and different links. If it can be found somewhere on the internet then most likely you can find it on Kodi. Now saying that, things are constantly changing. So if you found a way to watch your favorite football game last Sunday it may not work the same way next week. Some of the add-ons are more consistent than others. Some have a better picture quality than others.

7.  How does this work? How is the picture quality? How is the buffering?

This is mostly a streaming media device. Very little is actually downloaded on the device. Your internet speeds and all the speed from the server to you can have a big effect on quality and buffering as well as how many people are trying to watch the same thing from the same server. Just because (insert your internet provider here) says that they have 100 mgbs or whatever the number is doesn’t mean that you are getting 100 mgbs to your device. This is not a perfect device and it will not work well for everyone. You may get frustrated from time to time. Sources are not always consistent and the internet is not always consistent. For me and my family personally it is worth a little frustration not to have to pay an extra $250.00 a month or more for cable, Netflix, Hulu and DVD bills. I am going to add this little bit of insight here. The new movies that are still in the theaters are not top quality video recordings. I think someone over in a different country uses their phone in a movie theater to make some of these copies. The minute these are released for sale on DVD etc. The quality goes up to 1080p, when you can get it. The newer the movie or the more popular the movie, the slower the feed will be. Makes sense right, more people watching the slower it’s likely to be. Also peak times have an effect on quality and buffering in my opinion.

8.  Is it easy to use?

I think so but I am kind of a geek I guess. There is a learning curve to it. I can get most people comfortable with it with a few minutes of conversation over the phone. (Yes I do that, I am pretty easy to get in touch with.) It is almost as easy as watching Netflix on your computer with a couple of extra steps. I really only use two or three top add-ons when I am enjoying my free media. They are easy to use and very consistent. You can make this as easy or as difficult as you like. I would not give this to my mom and dad. (No really, I told them I would not give them one.) Because their internet is very slow 5 mgbs and there technical ability is very limited. (Also I could see myself over there every day to get them set-up to watch Perry Mason or something like that) Sorry Mom, love you!!

9.  Is it legal?

I knew this one was going to come up! I am not a lawyer and I do not play one on TV.  I will give my best answer as an opinion. I will also have a disclaimer at the bottom of this page. The Kodi Program itself is legal. It does not infringe on any copywriter laws.

OK Here comes the disclaimer. I have formed these opinions from research online and my personal experiences.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help making a decision on what device is right for you. This is my passion. This is awesome and I am proud to say we have been cable free for almost a year with just these devices and an antenna for our local news.

 The developers of Kodi and all the add-ons mostly do this as a hobby. Most do not pull an income from this. So if there is something you like, think about making a donation to help the process continue and grow. I personally do give donations and I only wish I could do more.

Best of Luck and please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any!