Game Controller- Bluetooth for Android Devices Perfect for Fire Sticks Fire TV and Tablets




Game Controller- Bluetooth for Android Devices Perfect for Fire Sticks Fire TV and Tablets.

We have tested many gaming controllers for our devices. We wanted to make sure it is easy to setup, easy to use and a fair price. This controller meets all of our needs. Simply put the controller in pairing mode and select other Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth settings menu. You are then permanently connected to that device. With the feel of an Xbox controller you will be slaying your opponent in no time. No messy button mapping for most games available. There is also a mouse function available to help navigate many of the apps. Up to four controllers can be connected to our devices for smooth multi-player games. No need to keep a supply of batteries on hand, it’s rechargeable with the supplied cord.

The controller works perfectly to play your favorite retro games from Happy Chick like Mario Kart 64, Sonic or any of the 8,000+ other games available. It also functions as a normal remote to navigate through all the apps and home screen on all of our products. 

Devices comparable with the game controller: Amazon Fire Stick 1st generation-2nd generation, Fire TV 1st Generation-2nd generation-3rd generation, all Amazon Fire Tablets, Nvidia Shield, Mii Box and almost any Android device with Bluetooth. It will also connect to you PC and PS3 with the included cable.


  • High Precision Variable Resistant joysticks provide silky smooth gaming performance for your gaming pleasure. Dual mode connectivity makes this gamepad highly compatible with all common platforms.
  • Compatible with Samsung Gear VR, G-Box Q, PC, PS3 and other Bluetooth compatible input devices.
  • High quality ABS plastic material with a matte and satin finish. Comfortable ergonomic design for long and comfortable play sessions.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides hours of continuous gameplay. Running out of charge? No problem, plug in the micro USB cable to charge and play simultaneously!
  • 16 button design with two high precision variable joysticks makes this one of the most useful and powerful game pads available today! Buttons: A, B, Y, X, D-Pad – Up, Down, Left, Right, Finger Triggers: L1, L2, R1, R2, Functions – Start, Select, Mode, Turbo.


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